Jet Airbus A320 Flight Simulator for Entertainment and Pilot Training

About Us

The Airbus 320 simulator has been used for the following:

Note, these days it is virtually impossible to have a look at a real aircraft cockpit (due to security reasons) so here is your chance to see a working replica of the real aircraft.

  • The University of New South Wales Aviation for CRM (Crew resource management). This means teaching pilots who have typically flown single pilot operations how to work as a team in a two pilot operation.
  • Members of the public who have never been in the cockpit of an aircraft and would like to see what it is like taking off, flying and landing a modern jet airliner aircraft. Our friendly instructors will make it easy for you. You can choose from 1000's of airports from around the world.
  • General aviation pilots who would like to see what it is like flying a jet airliner. Ideal thing to do when out at the airport and unable to fly due to the weather.
  • Pilots prior to an interview with an airline having some practice flying a jet (especially if the airline operates the airbus aircraft).
  • Pilots prior starting an A320 type rating getting familiar with the aircraft cockpit (Note, at this time the hours flown cannot be officially logged).
  • Parents bringing their sons and daughters who might be considering a career in aviation to have a hands on experience flying a jet airliner and also asking our pilots any questions on what is required to become a commercial pilot.
  • Filming. Documentaries, movies etc that require an authentic Airbus cockpit.