Jet Airbus A320 Flight Simulator for Entertainment and Pilot Training

Corporate Entertainment

front-3Want something a little different than your average staff party or team bonding session that’s available all year round, whatever the weather?




Corporate Events

throttles2Our A320 simulator and meeting rooms can cater for small groups of any size right up to groups of 20+ in a fun and competitive atmosphere!

You and your fellow co-workers can enjoy flying in our simulator instructed by real life commercial pilots and celebrate when you perform that perfect landing at any one of the world’s airports. Revel in the applause as you exit the cockpit with your appreciative passengers!

Everyone has a turn at flying whilst others can simply relax, drink in hand and watch from within.

As a two-pilot aircraft, we offer a perfect opportunity for you to improve team bonding. We can provide extra excitement with engine failures, stormy conditions and different types of emergencies to get you working together as a team.

We are located at Essendon Airport in the historic Old Melbourne International Terminal building. Our venue has easy, onsite parking and is just 20 minutes from the CBD.

We can offer on-site catering as well as organizing accommodation or transport for your group if required.


Need anything special?

Let us know and we’ll tailor an extra special event, just for you.

At Flight Deck Experience we can make your experience exhilarating!  

So contact us today and speak to one of our event managers to find out more so you can make your next staff party one to remember!

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